Very Friendly # 2 | Komplott 2010

Very Friendly #2 was published in november 2010 in an edition of 300 copies and featured three stories:

Walk Like Zombie Man
Ronnie goes to Spain to play a couple of shows in Barcelona and Valencia, meets some funny people and faces some awkward silences.

A portrait or interpretation of the German underground cult movie from 1984 which starred F.M Einheit, William S. Burroughs and Genesis P. Orridge. Muzak, Surveillance and Sound Terrorism.

German Links
How moustaches and motorways can be linked together. In a very German way…

Very Friendly #2 also includes a 7″ vinyl single with two tracks by Franscico López.

Very Friendly # 1 | Komplott 2009

Very Friendly #1 was published in april 2009 in an edition of 300 copies
and featured three stories;

A Fetish for Trondheim – on my first meeting with the norwegian noise master Lasse Marhaug in 1998,

Just another Scandal in Paris – on the world premiere of Desérts by Edgard Várese (his first piece for orchestra and sounds on tape) in 1954.

Throbbing Gristle at the Cryptic One Club, 1978 – on a pretty strange gig in London by Throbbing Gristle in a club located underneath an old church(!)

and it was also accompanied by a nice poster of Edgard Várese and Pierre Schaeffer as well as a 7″ with soundtrack music for the Trondheim story by Lasse Marhaug himself!

Very Friendly # 0 | Komplott 2008

Very Friendly #0 (or the ‘teaser’ issue) was published in late 2008 and presented a story from 1999 when i made a trip to Los Angeles and met up with musician and visual artist Steve Roden and the owner of Ground Fault Recordings; Eric Hoffman

The History of Electronic Music | noCube/Häpna 2007

This project began life as a sketch book entry in 2002. The original idea was to make some portraits of some of my musician friends and colleagues but it pretty soon expanded to include some key figures and instruments from the history of electronic music during the last century. In 2004 i was invited to make an exhibition at Cirkulationscentralen in Malmö, Sweden so the bulk of the drawings was produced for that purpose. Shortly after the exhibition i was offered to expand the project and publish it as a book on noCube which i gladly accepted. The book was then published in collaboration with Häpna in 2007.


Random Recent drawings 2004-2010


CD-Plant (1999)
CDs, Jewelcases, Tin foil, Styrofoam, Brass pipes.


Selected Paintings, Graphic Prints, Photography 1992-2001

expl hed

Various Water Colurs



Self Portrait Mezzotint etching (1992) | Deep Thought Drypoint (1991)

Various Small Prints. Glue, Plastic, Drypoint (1992-1993)



Exhibition poster (1993) | Giftgruppen Press Photo (1993)



Acrylic on paper (1993)



Scratch Face Xerox/Plastic (1993)
Scratch Men Xerox/Plastic (1993)
Scratch Fly Xerox/Plastic (1993)


Silver Satan Skull Xerox, Silver Paint, Wood (1994)



Boyd Acrylic on canvas (1995)


Burning Toys
excerpt from photo series (1996)


Vinyl Paintings Vinyl (1997)


cabin studio
ken studioken studio

Soundscapes – a series of photos documenting rehearsal studios and home recording rooms (excerpts). (1996-2001)