Sunspots LP limited to 50 copies released in 2009

Spirit of 98 Unreleased Studio Noise Piece from 2009



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Seven Year Silence CD (2009) Fang Bomb

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Sound Installations (1998-2002):

Invisible Cities (2002)

Various Artists | Invisible Cities
Installation comprising: 8.54 x 2.44 m Inkjet Panels, 20 x CD Players, 20 x Headphones and 20 x 5 Minute Audio Loops

Invisible Cities has been commissioned by Queen’s University, Belfast for
Belfast Festival at Queen’s 2002.
Curated by Fällt designers Fehler, ‘Invisible Cities’ offers the opportunity to experience an intimate series of portraits of the world’s cities painted with sound.

Through the interface of a gallery wall, each city, represented by an audio work of five minutes duration, is accessible through headphones. Participants in the gallery can transcend distance – moving from Moscow to Montreal, from Berlin to Beijing – in the time it takes to plug a pair of headphones into an alternative location.
Twenty artists were invited to contribute a five minute audio work inspired by and utilising the sounds of the cities they inhabit. Their contributions range from quiet and contemplative to noisy and frenetic with styles ranging from the pristine digital crackles of Washington DC based artist Richard Chartier (Whitney Biennial, 12k, LINE) to the near-silence of Tokyo based ultra-minimalist *0 (Nosei Sakata).

Fällt – a mixed-media publishing organisation based in Hillsborough, N.
Ireland – has created installations for galleries and festivals worldwide, in addition to releasing over 30 works on CD. Their work has received widespread critical acclaim and has been reviewed in design and music magazines worldwide.

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photos courtesy of Fällt.

Sound Performance (2000)

Galleri 60, Umeå
Turntables, Amplified vegetables, Popcorn, Powerbook, Contact-microphones, feedback.

a/v-box (1999)
live-installation piece performed during 7 days together with Andreas Berthling in a freezing cold freight-container during the ISFIT, Trondheim, March 1999. The a/v-box converts audio-signals to video-signals and was constructed by Andreas Berthling.

Wasa (1998)
Turntables, Concact-microphones, nails, swedish hard bread. College of Fine Arts, Umeå

Brainwave Synchronisation (1998)
Soundinstallation made at Ynglingagatan 1, Stockholm during Stuffit – an exhibition that presented 100 artists at the same time at the gallery.
1 CDR, 1 Boombox + Headphones.

”Research has shown that subliminal messages work most effectively when they are slightly above the visibility threshold and when the human brain is in either the Alpha or Theta brainwave states. They do not work in the Beta, or normal waking, state. By continually driving your brain into the Alpha or Theta states- the subliminal messages you select will have the maximum impact on your subconscious mind and can assist you in changing any behavior you desire to change.”

Thanks are due to Adam Bergström for providing software.