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  • Ronnie Sundin

    Sound and visual artist Ronnie Sundin (b.1973) has been recording and producing his own music for more than 15 years covering a wide range of styles within electronic and experimental music. During the second half of the ’90s he operated under the name Bad Kharma with a string of self produced releases on his own BonBon Records imprint which showcased an interest in noisy tape collages combining influences from The Hafler trio, Merzbow and Illusion of Safety. During the first half of the ’00s however, he investigated a gradually more and more quiet approach utilizing plenty of field recordings from his extensive archives combined with computer processed and electronic sounds in an attempt to create dreamlike, sensitive hypnagogic states presented on releases on critically acclaimed labels such as Ground Fault (US), Fällt (N.Ir), Häpna (SE) and Antifrost (SP) and Komplott but in recent years we have seen him revisit to the more loud noise oriented field he explored earlier.

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