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Very Friendly # 3

is in progress…slowly


Very Friendly # 2 | Comic book + 7″ | Komplott 2010

Issue #2 contains the following stories:

Walk Like Zombie Man
Ronnie goes to Spain to play a couple of shows in Barcelona and Valencia, meets some funny people and faces some awkward silences.

A portrait or interpretation of the German underground cult movie from 1984 which starred F.M Einheit, William S. Burroughs and Genesis P. Orridge. Muzak, Surveillance and Sound Terrorism.

German Links
How moustaches and motorways can be linked together. In a very German way…

Very Friendly #2 also includes a 7″ vinyl single with two tracks by Franscico López.

Very Friendly is a comic book project that subjectively collects its material from the world of experimental electronic music and will mix stories of an autobiographical nature with historical accounts. In other words; the reader will get a chance to meet some of Sundin’s musician friends and colleagues as well as take part of some historical events where a classic recording or performance took place.